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Dedicated and committed to providing quality homecare service to our clients and their families.

Our years of knowledge and experience channelled through our fully trained staff. Working hard, compassionately & with the upmost dedication.

Sure to impart our goal of INDEPENDENCE not DEPENDENCE through person centred & proactive care. Maintaining the best quality of life achievable for our clients whilst retaining the comfort and freedom of their own home.

Who We Are

At Care 4 U we are aware that different people at different times of their lives have varying capacities to make their own decisions.

We understand there is a balance to be found between enabling people to  have control over their lives and ensuring they are free from harm, exploitation and mistreatment.

Care 4 U realises the responsibility falls on local councils and agencies like ours to endeavour that appropriate decisions are made for the service users.

Types of Services we Provide

Specialised Care

We undertake all types of care and treat each service user as an individual and base their needs accordingly. We also realise the importance of “Socialising” and how important this is as well as providing practical assistance in the home. Our services can also undertake one-to-one “social hours” which include:

Bingo – Luncheon clubs – Museum visits – Knitting Clubs - Accompanying on hospital appointments or any other local based social activity required.

Personal Care

Washing, Bathing, Dressing/Undressing, Assistance with Eating, Toilet requirements, Shaving, Assitance In/Out of Bed, Assitance Mobilising with Equipment, Emptying of Chemi-Loos, Stoma care, Meal Preparation, Medication Prompting, Catheter Care, Sitting Service, Companionship, plus new Bathing service in operation.

(This is specifically designed to accomodate clients that only require assitance/support with bathing)

Practical Care

Laundry, ironing, cleaning, cooking, escorting clients, bed making, sitting service and other general household duties. We also undertake basic pet care e.g. feeding/walking/ brushing.

Personalised Care

We realise that a greater quality of care can be achieved through empowering our service users. Information is the key to decision making.Better information enables people to retain greater control over their lives and take more responsibility for accessing the help and assistance they need.

Direct Payments puts as much choice as possible in the hands of the individual, allowing people to address their own needs, so long as the local authority is satisfied that the needs are being met. Putting users at the centre of the assessment process gives you the opportunity to chose the services and support you think is best suitable to your needs.

These services may be different from those that the formal care system has to offer.

At Care 4 U we are aware that different people at different times of their lives have varying capacities to make their own decisions.

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  • Specialised Care

  • Personal Care

  • Practical Care

  • Personalised Care

Our Care Team

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Training & Development

Our staff are appropriately trained and undertake all Mandatory Training required and at present 70% of all our staff already hold N.V.Q Level II in Direct Care. All staff are encouraged to undertake both mandatory training and additional training to support their ongoing progress within the Agency.

We therefore support staff in undertaking N.V.Q Level III as a “stepping stone” to a Nursing Career.   Also 20% of staff hold  N.V.Q Level 3.

Outside the mandatory training we have certain staff who specialise in specific areas of care e.g. dementia care and appropriate training is undertaken. Training is constantly reviewed and recorded and evaluated and any staff that require further or refresher courses are placed on the appropriate training course.

We constantly ensure staff are developed to their maximum potential which ensure they can undertake their role in a safe and proper manner with minimal risks and provide good quality care to all service users.

Thinking of a Career in Caring?

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Paying For Care

Direct Payment

Through the process of Direct Payments we aim to adapt local systems around the needs of clients receiving care at home. We want clients who use social care services and their families to be able to shape and commission their own services. Direct Payments allows clients receiving public funding to use available resources to choose their own support services, a right previously available only to self-funders.

The Government and Council Policy is promoting independence and Direct Payments is a key element to achieving this by giving the user control over the way services are delivered. By moving to Direct Payments it takes us a step forward on the road to personalisation and provides us with the opportunity to be innovative in our response to your individual needs.

Direct Payments means money is paid by the Local Authority direct to the service user, who has been assessed as needing support, so that they can choose to pay for their own services. It gives more flexibility and choice, enabling people to purchase care for themselves that better suits their individual needs.Many people need information and advice about Direct Payments and require support in exploring whether Direct Payments is right for them and we can provide information regarding this if necessary.

The Direct Payments Team are also on hand for advice and support (01706 922998).

Direct Payments are not an "either/or" option and instead can be used in conjunction with the Council's services. If you receive Direct Payments and then change your mind you are free to stop them at any time.

Private Care

We also undertake care for “Private Clients” who receive the same quality care as all our service users the only difference is they pay privately for their services rather than it being part-funded by the Council. Details of our current rates are available on request. Special discounts are available for large block of hours on a regular basis.

The Law

“We have changed the law so that where there was a power, there is now a duty so that councils must make a direct payment to people who can consent to have them. This means that direct payments should be discussed as a first option with everyone, at each assessment and each review.”

Secretary of State for Health (2006) Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services CM6737 London: Department of Health"

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